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Looking for professional company branding and logo design in Peterborough? As a full-service design agency, we collaborate with businesses to create their unique logo and company branding that is easily identifiable and distinctive to your industry.

A professional brand is crucial to ALL businesses. Without knowing it, users judge a business’ credibility on what they see. Many judgements we make as people are entirely subconscious, with colour playing a considerable role in influencing our opinions. You don’t want to leave an accidental wrong impression. Furthermore, among all of the online chaos, consumers are becoming numb to the high volume of advertisement they are subject to every day. Therefore your brand message has never been so important. Whether you’re starting with a blank canvas or are wanting a complete design overhaul, we can help.

Every good brand should be easily understood through a few key descriptors. The human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than words. Therefore, graphic design is so vital for your online identity. You need to have consistency and clarity.

With all three of our branding packages, our logo design team in Peterborough will work with you to develop branding that best represents the purpose of your business. As well as securing your online identity, we also design stunning brochures, packaging and marketing material for companies of all sizes and industries.

Above everything, you want customers to remember you. Therefore, you want to stand out. So, we don’t do niches at Geek; there’s a meaning behind every colour palette and every element behind a logo design. It’s about finding what works for your business and creating consistency across your brand to aid your marketing efforts and demonstrate your focus on quality deliverance. If you want to chat about your logo, get in touch with Geek.

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These guys are amazing!!!! Completely got the exact style and branding we were looking for, they created our logo and designed our website. Nothing was too much trouble. Cant wait to work with them again.


why is branding important?

Your company branding is essentially the face of your business; it has the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your demographic and gives prospective clients an insight into what you do. Your brand is not only a genuine representation of your company, but it depicts how you wish to be seen.

Many judgements we make as people are entirely subconscious, with elements such as colour playing a considerable role in influencing our opinions. You don’t want to leave an accidental wrong impression, which is why we’re here to help.

how long does a typical logo take?

A difficult question to answer as every project is different; the vast majority of our branding projects are completed within a week of commencing. However, this is very dependent on communication and complexity of the logo elements.

who will own the copyright of my logo or branding?

You will receive the copyright to the logo and branding upon completion and settlement of the invoice.

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