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Without your logo, your business would be no more. 

Being the first focus of our attention, a logo plays a powerful role in your company, (obviously). When we see someone’s logo, we will instantly make our own opinion of the business.

It takes 7 seconds for one person to make their first impression of someone; don’t let your logo be the reason why you don’t receive the interest.

A professionally designed logo generates trust, making your customers much more likely to do business with you. Your logo reflects your professionalism, capability and dedication to your services. With a poorly designed logo, consumers won’t believe in you.

When someone views your website, they will be welcomed by your logo, so it should incorporate a friendly ambience. The logo also embraces your products and services; it sums you up in a figure. Whether you want to express boldness, friendliness or independence, your logo can help shape the image.

Investing in a high-quality logo design that encompasses the talent of your company is more valuable than a poor brand identity that looks like it was drafted on Paint (we still love you Paint).

Your logo reflects you

How do you want your customers to see your business? I’m talking about your perfect client, what do you want them to think of you? Are you a plumber who wants to demonstrate reliability? Or are you a coffee shop who wants to get thirsty customers through the door with a captivating logo? Your logo needs to capture the persona of your brand yet stand out from the sea of competitors that follow.

Consumer loyalty

Two words we pay very close attention too when we’re a business owner. Developing a memorable logo should be the aim of every brand, as it saves you a massive amount of marketing. If you create a distinguishable logo, then your customers will remember you, just like kids do when they drive past McDonald’s big M.

Achieve the right logo and soon enough you’ll become recognisable in a glimpse. If your logo shows that you’ve taken the time and money to create a good design, then people will trust in your brand.

Develop ownership

Your logo proves your legal ownership, acting as a safeguard against forgeries. You can sue the companies who sell cheaper versions of your product using your unique logo. Third-world countries are notorious for replicating logos of overseas business. A logo can be easily duplicated and used to another’s advantage.

Plan carefully

You can have your logo developed cheaply, however, you have to prepare for low-quality graphics, a damaged reputation and loss of customer interest. Paying more for a logo that will be with you for life, not only looks good on you but express your company’s message and values.

The more simple, the better. A logo doesn’t have to feature every single thing related to your industry, instead take a look at Coca-Cola, you couldn’t get any more obvious with that logo.

It’s also important to decide on the colours you want to be implemented into your logo. It’s crucial for your website, logo and graphics to incorporate the same colours, fonts and styles all the way through so customers know it’s you.

Stick to your opinion

Asking your friends and family of their opinion on your logo is okay, to an extent. Everyone looks at things differently and not everyone has the same preferences. For instance, logo designers will often show you what logo would work best and you may agree, but asking your spouse who likes the colour green over red won’t think so.

Varied opinions can lead to complications and a waste of time and money. It’s so important that you, the business owner decides on the logo since it’ll be supporting your growing business.

Be creative and open to ideas

It’s always good to have an idea for your logo before you contact a designer, however, it’s not compulsory. We often recommend that our client has a design brief for what they want their logo to look like or feature, this way we can generate something we know they’re looking for.

However, if you haven’t the time or are feeling trusting of your designers, they can come up with several ideas for you to adapt on or accept. Your logo is important to you, therefore it’s important to us.

If anything, you want to have the best logo out for your competitors, so with our research and your enthusiasm we can achieve just that. The logo design process should not be rushed, it is important that you are 100% happy with the logo before you publicise it to your customers.

Have no idea where to start? That’s no problem at all!

Whether you’re new to the business or looking to freshen up your logo, it’s never too late or too early. However, when you finally find the logo that works to you, you’ll know it. Eventually, the perfect logo will have your customers remembering who you are, thus leading to more conversions and sales.

The good thing about logo designers is that they understand a new business owner’s struggles and are here to help. At Geek we understand the stress of coming up with a logo, that’s why we offer a free consultation to help you find your brand.

Trust us when we say that your logo is more important thank you think.

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