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Your website is great, but do you have a LinkedIn profile to match?

With over 500 million users and two new members each second, LinkedIn proves to be the world’s largest professional network today. Out of 500 million users, the potential of being found and recognised by future customers is high: in fact, a whopping 80% of LinkedIn members want to connect with companies, stats show. LinkedIn allows your business to boost its services to an array of professionals. Amidst the abundance of members using LinkedIn, you must maintain a killer LinkedIn profile. Your profile encompasses your company and your company’s website; a good website and a good LinkedIn page go hand in hand. If you want to achieve the best online presence, a professionally designed website sets the foundation for your growth. Without a successful, slick website – most likely to be achieved by specialists – your business isn’t ready for social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

If you have a website that you’re proud to flaunt, carry on reading. However, having an old, unresponsive website that doesn’t fit today’s demands won’t appeal to the 500 million professionals on LinkedIn, making it unlikely that sales will be made. Use our specialists. Our web design experts will ensure that your website is appropriate for LinkedIn and for today. Once you have a professionally designed website, you can strut your company’s services, knowledge and experience by following our top tips on using LinkedIn to advance your business. From making connections to generating leads, establishing partnerships and creating better brand awareness, LinkedIn makes an invaluable addition to your marketing strategy.

1. Deliver good content

Your content must reflect the professional nature that LinkedIn emanates. Detect your customer’s ‘pain’ that you need to solve for your target audience and make that a topic of your next post. Share content that’s engaging. Don’t constantly bore your readers with promotional messages – when sharing information regarding your company such as company-related news or service announcements; ensure a benefit is delivered to your followers in the process. Boast blog posts, slide-shares, podcasts and articles devised by company colleagues, and keep your followers updated with company news such as new jobs or relocations.

Always consider your customers. Post content that enriches a customer’s knowledge; teach others how to solve a problem or how to improve in their job. Offer your audience valuable lessons; it gets results.

2. Find highly targeted customers and connections

You now know what to post, but who should read your content? Take advantage of LinkedIn’s targeting filters. Small businesses can aim their posts at the exact industry, company size and job role of the individuals that typically invest in their services or product. For instance, a post from a printing company in the UK advertising brochures might be shown to businesses that have fewer than 100 employees, are based in the UK, and own a construction or labouring business that may require a brochure or leaflet to advertise their services.

Aiming your post at specific individuals meeting the criteria of your target audience will make it more likely that individuals will purchase your goods. Expressing content that reveals your company’s services as a solution to your target customer’s pain will certainly drive them to invest.

3. Use sponsored updates

Having calculated advertisement costs and being willing to spend cash to get noticed on LinkedIn, using a sponsored update can be an excellent way for your business to promote content that is useful for your targeted audience with a strong call to action. Sponsored updates work with a pay-per-click or pay-per-impression feature, meaning that businesses pay to promote their services to individuals. Businesses acquire the ability to customise their audience based on a company’s name, an individual’s job title, job function, skills, schools and groups.

As opposed to promoting pure advertisements, perhaps now regarded as an annoyance to customers, users are able to express insightful content that individuals will find useful. Offering customers free advice by promoting blogs and guides through a LinkedIn Sponsored Updated will target a niche audience, increase website visitors and perhaps even generate sales.

4. Give a face to your employees

Having your employees create and complete a LinkedIn profile may help your business. Encourage your staff to develop a profile including appropriate photos, relevant job history and a description of the way in which they help your business. More employees using LinkedIn means more connections and possible page visitors. Have each of your staff members boast your website in their descriptions, generating the most possible visitors. An employee’s profile – particularly a profile with a photo – reinforces the awareness that indeed they are human. A customer is more likely to approach a company having seen its employee’s friendly and reputable LinkedIn profile.

5. Track your progress

Your Company Page includes helpful analytics, showing changes in the size and composition of your follower community, as well as activity on your page. You have the ability to access data around the content that you share, as opposed to standard views and likes. You can use LinkedIn’s demographic graphs to discover the type of individuals that are viewing your page. Use these insights and findings to start posting content that your target audience wants to see. LinkedIn Analytics further allows individuals to view the content that is doing well and the content that isn’t – use this to decide whether to sponsor an update.

Your marketing skills and motivation alongside LinkedIn Analytics makes the perfect recipe for an engaging, insightful LinkedIn page that will drive traffic to your company and its website.

Without a professionally designed website, using our guide to a successful LinkedIn page is pointless. A website that screams expertise and triumph can only be achieved by specialists – and once created, your company will take pride in sharing it on all social media platforms, especially those as professional as LinkedIn.

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