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13 Interesting and Eye-Opening Website & Marketing Facts You May Not Know

By June 24, 2019September 22nd, 2020No Comments

It is always rush hour online, there’s no such thing as a standstill. As each day comes and goes, the digital world changes significantly, providing researchers with new stats and figures.

However, for businesses and digital experts alike, there are many interesting findings that may be of benefit to know. These stats could potentially help you excel in your digital marketing and web design efforts.

Without making the intro too long, let’s get started:

1. iPhones for the rich, Androids for the poor.

This is no personal stereotype, this is a calculated study carried out tracking what device users use from which location.

Of course, this ‘statistic’ isn’t 100% true in real-time – online it appears different. In a survey, most people who used Twitter from an iPhone were from wealthier parts of the country.

Meanwhile, Android users were recorded from areas that were less developed than the richer regions. Who would’ve thought?

2. Landing pages get the highest recorded bounce rates.

If you receive a high bounce level then this means people don’t like your web pages. By people not liking your landing pages, neither will Google, sending you down the search result pages.

A landing page is what your customers land on from referrals elsewhere or quite commonly from ads. Statistics show that these pages produce a 70-90% bounce rate.

Now, this isn’t always the case, it all depends on how relevant the page itself is to the visitor, or if they accidentally landed on the wrong page and caused a bounce this way.

3. Mobile over Desktop

We are currently in the age of mobile technology defeating the desktop user and stats continue to show us that the numbers of mobile users are increasing at a fast rate.

With this change comes a change in marketing techniques, website designs and overall user experience (UX).

However, this doesn’t mean that we leave out desktop users, we still have our laptop and computer users around and they may be more common with your typical audience.

4. Email overlays increase opt-ins by up to 400%.

Overlays on your website are a good tactic – if you know how to pull it off. You need to be creative, peprsuasive and above all offer benefits. No user will give away their email for no reason, tell them what they can achieve from supplying the info and watch your loyalties grow.

5. Email campaigns have an average open rate between 15% and 25%, where transacitonal emails have a 40% open rate.

Emails can be difficult to work with if you don’t understand how to utilise them.

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