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Also known as ‘GMB’, Google My Business is a free tool that lets you manage how your company appears on search results and maps.

Do you ever find yourself searching through numbers of blue links and turning them purple because they don’t offer what you’re looking for? Well, would you be more willing to take a look at the business described on the right-hand side of your search results?

You know what I’m on about, the descriptive box which appears showing pictures, a name and reviews of a business. That box could feature your business.

Adopting Google My Business allows you to determine your business name, location, and opening hours and interact with customer reviews.

But, that isn’t all. You can also find out how and where people are searching, so you can keep track of your conversions.

‘What’s in it for me?’

Even I will admit that we all want to know how we will benefit from a service or product. That’s the nature of being a business owner, or any person for that matter.

Well, I’m glad you asked anyway, there are many benefits that you can reap from starting up a GMB account.

Let’s start with some of the most apparent achievements:

Manage your information much easier

This is where you can take control of how you want your business to look to online users. No longer will you be a link on the Google search results, you will have a box to be creative with.

Businesses who set up a GMB profile are twice as likely to interest consumers. Before we buy, we all want to make sure we trust the company.

Considering the user may purchase directly from your website, they will fear misuse of their personal information. However, if you have verified your business with Google, then you will appear more reputable.

Since you will be showcasing information on your business, which has received confirmation by the online giant, people will trust you. Trust converts to conversions need I say more?

Interact directly with your customers

Good interaction with your buyers will generate a ‘personality’ for your business. Setting up a Google My Business account will enable your company to receive reviews.

Reviews are one of the best assets to display to your online audience. When people are searching for a particular service or product, they will check reviews.

Unsurprisingly, customers will check out the lowest ratings first and see why this has happened. However, although you cannot remove a bad review, how you handle the complaint will determine if the reader wants to buy from you.

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Alongside the review entries, you can also post photos and so can your customers. Visuals of your company contribute to your reputability, especially if you have set up the location of your business on Google Maps, this will allow people to have a 3D view of yourselves.

Photos receive 42% more requests for directions to your headquarters, and 35% more of customers will click through to your website in contrast to businesses that don’t possess photos.

Build on your brand awareness

It’s a goal for every business owner to get your brand seen and heard of on the World Wide Web. With Google My Business, developing business presence has just got easier.

Do you want to know how your customer found your website? GMB will tell you. Do you want to know where your customers are coming from? Don’t worry GMB has got your back.

You will also be able to keep track on who called you directly from the phone number displayed on local search results.

But, are you still looking to go even further to get your brand out there? Well, you can always easily create and monitor the performance of a ‘Google Adwords Express’ campaign.

The most enticing benefit is the fact it’s free. Yes, there’s no need to put in your credit card details like some of these sneaky businesses, nor are there any hidden small prints.

GMB is a free yet powerful online tool for your business. What could be better than complimentary brand awareness?

I would like a GMB account, how do I get started?

Now for the fun part, some of you may not have time for tedious matters so may hand the setup process to a Digital Marketer. However, you can quite easily create the base for a Google My Business profile in a few minutes.

All you need is a Google Account to start with, and then you follow ‘’ and select ‘start now.’

The process is pretty simple, you’ll just need to fill in the main details about your business, and then you can also go back in at a later date to improve upon them.

But, Google My Business is constantly changing.

Yes, only recently has the Google My Business tool had a new update. On Wednesday 12th December 2018, Google revamped the app, improving real-time features.

The new on-the-go profile helps small and medium businesses boost customer engagement.

Say for instance you run a restaurant. Let’s say you are busy on a Saturday night, well now you can create a post, with a picture of the busy restaurant, to engage with your potential customers.

The introduction of real-time presence has given hope to business owners that it will help them attract new and existing customers to use or buy from their company.

But one of the best things about GMB? Let’s say it’s autumn and you want to showcase a temporary product. GMB allows you to display your seasonal offer when a customer searches for your business directly, quite convenient don’t you think?

Well, I think I’ve managed to cover just about everything on Google My Business for the rookies. But, you can become a pro in no time.

GMB’s design helps businesses to get noticed and generate a better, defined online presence.

There are still many more things to Google My Business, but we understand that nobody wants to read a novel.

So, if you need more help understanding GMB, speak with our team!

T: 01733 686100 or email us on: [email protected]

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