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If you don’t update your website, your audience will go elsewhere.

Your website is an essential marketing tool to have.

In a world that is becoming virtual, how your site looks – is crucial for any successful business.

To stay current in this dynamic world of technology, we recommend that your website has a new design every two years. For your site to maintain its rank each time it has a redesign, we implement a variety of factors.

Platform selection, competitor analysis and consistent blogging are all essential factors that will increase your website’s ranking. Make your website redesign worth the time spent on it – without a highly ranked site, your newly refined site won’t even be appreciated.

Throughout this blog, we will improve your knowledge of the tips and information needed for redesigning a website, and how this will influence your marketing.

Using the right platform

Beginning your website redesign – the foundation of your site must be carefully considered. Choosing which platform that you construct your website on is critical. A platform that is straightforward and suits your business best is favoured. We use WordPress as it’s easy to use for novices and gives you full control of your website.

Some businesses might not be suited to our platform if you need e-commerce systems or a website that is focused heavily on the database, platforms such as Shopify, Magento etc.

Importance of updating your website with fresh content.

Possibly the most vital aspect of your site is your content. Failure to update it regularly will lose you traffic in abundance. Take shopping, for instance. When browsing in shops such as Next or John Lewis, you expect there to be new stock constantly.

Do you think these shops would be as big if they had the same clothes or products all year round?

Bringing out new fashion and products maintains their audience’s attention. The same goes for your content – you must consistently update it to manage your audience’s interest. If you’re not active, how will potential customers know that your business is running?

Do you have any pets? Does your fish swim to the surface of your pond or its tank, knowing that it is feeding time? Think in marketing terms. Generally, your pet fish expects to receive food consistently at a particular time. However, if you stop providing food for some time – e.g. in winter – your fish won’t be waiting at the surface expecting it anymore.

When my colleague stopped feeding his fish for two weeks, he noticed that at their usual feeding time, they’d be in different places of his pond – they’d lost interest. Apply this to your website. Keep feeding your customers new content. New blogs, a new design – without this, like my colleague’s fish; your customers will end up in other places.

Is it time that your website has an update? We recommend these simple tips for a well-ranked site.-

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