Lets talk Twitter

Lets talk Twitter, the one platform where controversial discussions are accepted, where the likes of Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian and old folk eating alone are celebrated (or hated), Twitter is truly a remarkable platform that so many of us use! But as I was doing my research for this blog I couldn’t help but realise that there have been some pretty unique trends that some how we let become a thing…

I don’t know if I was surprised by the trends or very impressed as they only show and compliment the power of social media.

I’m going to go with the impressed road, as it is truly fascinating.

Twitter and any other social networking platform can utilise this power for good, and whilst this is a very soothing thought I still can’t help but want to share some of the most bizarre Twitter trends of all time!


Remember the poor young boy I mentioned earlier? Yes, well his name is Alex Christopher LeBeouf or he is probably better known as Alex from Target and was photographed unknowingly by a shopping. In under 24 hours Alex had accumulated 300,000 followers and was even featured on CNN, Buzzfeed and the continued to go on The Ellen DeGeneres Show… what?

If this hasn’t left you absolutely mind blow then I don’t know what will, an innocent boy photographed and within a nights sleep woken up a celeb.

The power of social media!

Ed Balls

Everyone knows about Ed Balls Day… don’t they? Well, if you don’t then its April 28 and it marks the days that Ed Balls tweeted his own name and again much like Alex, became an internet phenomenon, and the original tweet has been retweeted over 37,000 times… woah.

That’s a lot of interaction just because some man tweeted his name!

Nelson Freeman

You’ll probably be thrown by that heading, it actually stems from the (God rest his soul) legends himself, Nelson Mandela’s death where the slight percentage of morons that use Twitter started to tweet pictures of Morgan Freeman, and yes this happened.

It is a very crazy thought to think that people could a) get something SO wrong and b) get it trending worldwide!

Ok so now that I have shared with you my very favourite trends that Twitter and the world have made happen and graced our lives with that little bit of humour we all lack sometimes, I can now carry on with the sole point and motivation of this blog.

They are just three of the many crazy and humour trends that we have witnessed on Twitter and we have also seen the effect that they have taken. We have also seen the power of social media absolutely excel in these examples, so if something like a boy just doing is job, a man tweeting his own name and someone muddling two people up get so much interaction, why cant your business excel on social media. I’m not saying we are going to do a Kardashian and break the Internet; but what I am saying is social media holds a lot of power, why not utilise this to benefit your business online?

You never know, your business could be the next big thing!

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