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It’s important to know your audience. The question is, are commuters paying attention?

Digital marketing, it’s such a vague name yet such a diverse subject. Although you’re actively promoting brand awareness through digital strategies, there is a lot of sociological research behind the end product. Every company tweet or Facebook status, every catchy slogan; they all exist because of a digital marketer. However, with great brand recognition comes great responsibility.

Every day people are on the move with a mobile device, whether they’re on a train, bus or cruise ship. The real question for digital marketing experts is ‘how engaged are they with online advertisements?’

There is no insight on Google showing what form of transport a user is on, nor how many paid attention to an ad while on the move. We have to make sure we become innovative and cater for all possibilities.

While commuting, the attention of a user is shorter than usual; even the typical attention span is only 8 seconds.

It is crucial that your advertising strategy is concise and eye-catching from the first reach. Whether it’s colour choice, easy navigation or clear objectives, your advertising needs to be better than good. If you want to achieve an effective ROI from a commuter, you need to plan.

But, let’s be real here. How engaged are our mobile customers? When speed walking to work or waiting for a bus, there usually is a set amount of time available for the customers to use for Internet browsing.

However, although they have time, whatever they look at or are looking for must be brief and straight to the point; otherwise, you will lose your potential customer permanently. Digital advertisements must have small content and headlines that are punchy and straightforward. Your wording needs to demonstrate your product or service in a limited amount of characters to ensure it catches your persona’s eye.

While people are on the move, the time they spend looking at their phones to make their journey faster is when you need to put together the best, most captivating advertisements.

Customers will be looking for something entertaining or practical; therefore you need to create something that catches their attention immediately. Businesses spend millions researching ways to accommodate the short window of interest of commuters. Companies aim to produce the best marketing techniques for travellers to prompt sales.

60% of mobile audiences were aware of adverts during their travels. The results help us to understand that the public does take an interest in advertising.

Although few people will be sleeping or reading, most of your ideal customers will be passing the time by using their phone. During this time, you have to consider your best marketing ideas to generate as much interest as possible.

What is your user looking for?

The most difficult audience to unravel is the younger generations, this is because they have a diverse taste in what they find appealing due to the influence of technology. When advertising to younger generations, you need to provide an advert which is visually capturing. You will need to use bold titles that scream ‘offer’, or something that is recent and relevant. To achieve the best engagement, you should publish holiday offers and brand awareness in the early morning. Inspirational posts, images and news should be scheduled in the evening.

Research. Plan. Publish

You can make commuters into valuable customers; it just takes patience and creativity.

Although people are highly active on mobile phones during travel, it is much harder to market these audiences. With an unpredictable attention span and such strategic planning needed, marketing to commuters is harder than you think. We have three rules; first, you must consider researching your persona then work out their typical day-to-day routine. Next, you will need to plan how you aim to promote your business and get it noticed by the travelling user.

Lastly, when you think you have considered every aspect, publish your work and be patient for results. If the results aren’t what you expected, take a look at what you could change about your approach and test the theories.

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