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10 Website Design Trends of 2019

We are mid-way into 2019, and we have noticed some design trends popping up on websites.

Are we curious to know what they are? Of course, we are.

Without further ado…

1. Grids/Blocks

Having a visual web site is the key of catching someone’s attention, and one way of doing that is having a big block of images, layout in a way that people cannot avoid what it is you are selling to them.

Site design by La Negrita Estudio Creativo.

A grid layout can be done in such a way that forms the whole layout of the site. Above example, the menu bar will split off the top scroll along with you. And be part of the grid layout.

Site design by Ueno.

A style like this can be used with a colour plus image to bring together a bold and exciting website.

Grids/block website will be showing up more and more as the year comes along, it will be a user-friendly way to show blocks of information and easily made mobile friendly.

2. Scroll

Trends in 2019 are making websites as interactive as possible to engage the audience and for them to get really stuck into the site.

Site design by Pier-Luc Cossette.

The company kombu uses a scroll to show all their different flavours in a bright and colourful way. It is a quick way to get someone to see what they do because people will automatically start scrolling.

Site design by Advanced Group.

Another example is this promotion site for a small village near Kiev. The use of scrolling to reveal what they have in smooth transition is an excellent way to engage the viewer.

Knowing significant per cent of people will automatically scroll through a website should be taken advance of as these companies have. It’s definitely something to consider adding into the site, as it an element a lot of designers are applying into their work.

3. Hamburger Menu

With mobile being a massive part of everyday life, web sites must put the mobile site first, and a huge trend with this is using a hamburger menu on the desktop.

Site design by mozaik hospitality.

It can be a full screen menu that gives a full animation reveal. Showing the menu contents as well as more.

Site design by Fracture.

Or it can be a simple menu that pops up in a style that matches the style of the website.

Whatever the style hamburger menu will eventually replace the standard list on all website giving the full circle connection from mobile to desktop.

4. Big Typography

Typography is always a significant part of any designs; it is the core of how to what kind of business you are within the first word.

Site design by Jonas Pelzer.

Photographers & director BAM has a website with big bold text with the title of the project, a font that help gives the urban and edgy look of their work.

Site design by Locomotive.

On the other hand, the wording could take up the whole site making a big and bold statement to get across what the company is about.

Big typography must be done right, and in the right places; otherwise, it might look tacky or just trying to fill space where you don’t have any content to fill with.

5. Interactive

Everyone likes a little bit of fun, feel included and same time learn something along the way. Interacting with your audience is an excellent way to inducting yourself to them and a great way to showcase your product.

Site design by Sunny Side Up.

This site takes you on a journey of their product, showing how you would use the product and how beautiful it is.

Site design by Austin Mayer.

Simply it can just be a way to showcase the work you do, to give a taste of what you could provide them.

Giving some interaction to a website will bring a whole new level of interest for the user and further opportunities for your business.  

6. Horizontal Elements

We are all familiar with the website being mainly vertical, everything in a standard layout and we come to an end in one whole scroll. But what if a site was not like that, what if the menu was over the left side and text run along with images horizontally. Well, one thing we have noticed that has been cropping up recently is horizontal elements, be it menus, text or graphic elements.

Beauty website Mecca uses horizontal text on their products as little annotates. It is a small but elegant touch to the website that brings it all together.

Site design by Blend Digital.

A standard layout has the menu horizontally, it a great for hamburger menu as then the list can pull along horizontally and cover the whole front page.

Horizontal elements are a small difference to a site, but it can give a whole different perspective and make your website stand out.

7. Animation

Animation has always been a given in anything, but recently there has been a more intelligent and creative use of it in websites. Even used to explain a company’s story or just solely for fun.

Site design by iteo.

This company uses a little line animate to illustrate the different services they provide to give a personal touch to their site and be more inviting for the viewer.

Site design by inconito.

Alternative use of animation is to inform people, in this instead this little animated map shows museums of all over Paris so people can explore a whole different part of Paris. It is a great way to give an emotive feel to a map rather to a standalone one.

Animation always being a big part of any project you can think of but we feel it will be more of a big thing in website more than ever.

8. 3D

To add depth to a website, adding a 3D element will be the best approach. It helps your audience to feel involved in your company by adding that extra depth.

Site design by dogstudio.

This extra depth gives the viewer a feeling that they can reach out and touch whatever they see on the screen — providing a new engagement which otherwise would not be possible in a flat design.

Site design by BC Design.

It can simply just for visual pleasure, to show off a skill that a designer has.

Either way, this style of design has been big lately and something we all should consider adding to our websites for extra depth.

9. Gradients

Uses of gradients have always been an ever-present element in designs, but this year they are bigger and bolder than ever. They are a great way to make a statement, to be made into a pattern and big a burst of colour.

Site design by fleava.

They can be a part of identity; they are commonly used as such. From that will be the focal point of a website and a great way to draw in an audience.

Alternatively, it can be used as a pattern to make a dynamic background.

Gradients are an element that will keep becoming more and more common that even the most monotonous brands will be using it.

10. Illustrations

Sometimes a photo is not a thousand words, and sometimes a little something else needs to do the talking. And that when an illustration comes in. They can make an abstract concept easy to understand. Give an emotive content with ease and can, in general, be aesthetically pleasing.

Site design by Bounds.

An illustration can be used as a bright, colourful character that brings a personal touch to a company.

Site design by BeaversBrothers.

The use of illustration to make a somewhat dull subject seem like something extra ordinary.

Illustration is becoming more and more common in design. Its something everyone should consider adding, even a simple line drawing or a full-colour piece.

Web design trends 2019 – have you got some inspiration now?

Final thoughts:

All these design trends will be the start of what is to come for the rest of the year, although all these will make a site excited and engaging always remember: brand identity comes first and always use what is best for the company and not what looks good.

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