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Why does website development REALLY matter? Is it THAT important?

Can you be sure you understand the importance of website development and why it is CRUCIAL for your business to survive?

During the peak of the recent pandemic, people in the United Kingdom spent a record-breaking amount of time online. On average, users spent 4 hours and 2 minutes each day. Therefore, the pandemic has highlighted the reliance of the internet for entertainment, education and employment. So, with consumers relying on the internet for their necessities, website development has become vital for businesses to succeed. Web development allows for company’s websites to service customer online, therefore improving their experience with you.

So, why does development matter?

There is no doubt about it. Our digitally-driven lifestyles have left us with no choice but to accept technology. Therefore, for your voice to be heard and for your brand to be seen, you will have to cut through the noise. Website development allows this to happen. A website will enable customers to find you and show them what you can offer.

But, humans are creatures of habit. We like little distribution and for things to be convenient. That is why users want to access information by simply clicking a button. Through development, bespoke features and custom functionality, you can offer the customer a seamless user journey, which will inevitably lead to their return to you, time and time again.

Additionally, having a strong web presence will only benefit your business. You can showcase your services, products and what you do best. So, if you can’t be found online, or have a website that doesn’t perform, you could have potentially lost leads.

Essentially, website development helps make people aware of your services and understand why your products are relevant and even necessary to buy or use. Through this, set yourself apart from your competitors. Displaying this information with high-quality images and thought-out presentation will greatly influence customers.

But, if you’re STILL not convinced that website development is necessary. We have explained why you NEED to consider custom functionality on your website.

4 reasons to consider website development

1) Maintain Credibility

Website development allows for effective communication with customers. We are not referring to literal contact with the customer! But through effective interactions and engagement, you can show visitors that your business is concerned about their satisfaction and is responsive to their needs. Therefore, you need to protect your brand. A well-developed website will facilitate things like expanding your reach and attracting more visitors to your business.

A website offers a straightforward method of showing the credibility of a business, and the way a person represents his business online is vital for attracting more customers or visitors. Therefore, your website design should be handled in the best possible way, because a professional presentation speaks volumes as a testimony to your business. With the help of website development, you can add your skills, credentials, experience and expertise.

2) Reduce Admin Responsibilities

One of the most significant benefits of web development is its ability to reduce admin responsibilities for users. For example, if you offer courses and exams, custom functionality can enable these courses to be carried out through your website. Instead of using third-party software, you can reduce costs, but increase website traffic. Or, you can build your own bespoke CRM, to handle data, customers and any information.

But, one of the most popular development features that most websites have that help reduce admin responsibilities is an e-commerce shop. Instead of processing emails for every product sold, your website can take care of it! Therefore, you or your staff can spend more of your time doing what needs to be done.

3) Open 24/7

Did you know, slow loading websites cost retailers £2 billion in lost sales every year? With recent events, the demand for online shops has never been more apparent. Therefore, through development, you can take the necessary steps from physical to digital.

As we said at the beginning of this blog, being online has been a business’ lifeline in the past few months. While consumers can’t walk on the high street to browse, consumers have had to swap the high street for search engine results. Therefore, if your business is not online, you could be missing out on potential sales.

Through detailed product specifications and seamless category layouts, your customers can browse your goods with ease. Now, mobile users account for 90% of all e-commerce users, so it’s crucial to provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience. Your Google ranking is determined by your attention to user experience, which is why we’ll work with you to build a shop that customers can’t help but return to.

3) Usability

Planning to make a responsive website design for your site will help make it accessible to an extensive range of users spanning several devices, such as tablets or smartphones. This will increase both your site’s exposure and organic traffic. But, most importantly, people will remember your business for being professional and credible.

Did you know that 88% of consumers who search for a business on a mobile device then call or go to that business within 24 hours? Don’t miss out on business because of poor mobile web design. Let professional web developers build you a site that is functional, stylish and user-centric.

So, how can I find the right development team?

Overall, website development is essential as it enhances the customer experience. However, developed features will improve the user’s experience and ease admin responsibilities within the backend.

Remember, your website is one of the most powerful tools your business has to make a killer first impression, so don’t let its poor user experience and usability damage your business.

So, if you’re looking for a digital agency who will take care of your website development, Geek is here to help! So get in touch with us to discuss further.

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